Merger Consultation Responses December 2021


Draft rules were approved by the Executive Committee for consultation with Branches and SOGs prior to further consideration with IBB. The draft rules would determine how TSSA would operate across Britain and Ireland as a District of the IBB family and were circulated to Branches, SOGs and Divisional Councils for consultation on 19 October (Circular 71/21). 

A number of questions were received from Branches and SOGs over the proposed merger with the Boilermakers union and were recently considered by the Executive Committee. Questions and views received together with the EC responses are available on the document below for information.

Responses Received

The public announcement post Conference that our union was entering talks with the Boilermakers resulted in ten responses from TSSA members. All concerns were responded to and the majority of those members seemed reassured. 

The Executive Committee consultation with Branches, SOGs and Divisional Councils resulted in 14 responses from:

  • London & Southern Retired Branch 650
  • Midlands Retired Branch 759
  • Lancs & Cumbria General Branch 096
  • North East General Branch 433
  • London Transport Retired Branch 452
  • TfL Central Branch 460 
  • London Bus & Rail Operators Branch 467
  • Euston Branch 606
  • Network Rail North London Branch 610
  • Anglia No.3 Branch 019
  • Anglia South General Branch 120
  • TSSA Retired Members' Group
  • Women in Focus
  • Disability Working Group

Consultation paper with collated Q&As

Merger talks consultation paper: collected responses and answers



Merger talks consultation paper with questions and answers in an Excel sheet format