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Fausat Apena

Be true to your dream and it will turn into your reality

A black woman in a bright blue top and blue jeans, sitting in front of a noticeboard covered in feminist empowerment slogans.

I joined Network Rail 5 years ago as a Customer Service Assistant CSA. That was similar to my position in Southeastern, where I spent 4 years, before taking a break to raise my family. Customer Service Assistant was a convenient entry point, but it was far from my dream. I wanted more, so at every opportunity,  especially, during performance reviews, I made sure to tell my line managers that I intended to go higher, to reach my full potential in Network Rail. I  did not only talk the talk, but made every preparation,  and walked the talk. I  seized every opportunity at self development whenever there was any in my area of interest. 

And, truly, my opportunities came, some not so golden. I seized every chance for secondment, and did almost 2 years with different titles perfoming same roles. Through much of this, I had the strong support of my community and the camaraderie  of the TSSA. 

I am typing this message today, as a band 4 manager. And this is just a beginning. I have my eye on the highest band. Unstoppable. 

Do not be discouraged, if you are not getting the interviews. If you keep pursuing your dream, it will very soon catch up with you. 

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