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Nicola Jukes

Nicola Jukes reflects on Neurodiversity

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Neurodiversity is a challenge to many in workplaces and in our private life, having had my youngest child diagnosed with autism, I took the decision to educate myself and found our union a great source of education.

On the very first day of the course listening and thinking tick that box, tick that box and yes that’s another, of which for years I had self-taught coping mechanisms. Upon a long conversation I decided to have a screen test which showed 7 out of 10 traits for dyspraxia. I wasn’t just a clumsy thick child which I had been made to feel at school. This screening had all made sense of how my brain works and how my child's brain works of which helped me to embrace and take forward and help others.

It also gave me to confidence to go forward within our union to be an executive committee member an interim treasurer and on the Labour Nec to represent TSSA and trade unions.

I am proud of TSSA what we have achieved on this complex challenge and let's keep this flagship top of the agenda as so many people are undiagnosed and struggle from dyslexia through to ADHD in our workplace.

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