CrossCountry Trains – CSMs- Urgent Action Required Plus an Update on Pay

A message from your Organiser, Tracy Wines.

I am aware that CSMs have been issued with a “new” job description. For the record TSSA has NOT agreed this!

As you know, your staff reps and colleagues on the CSM JD working party have been in consultation with the Company on a new JD for CSMs for quite some time and a lot of effort and energy has gone into this process on your behalf to ensure that the new JD is fit for purpose and that what is contained within it is reflected in any pay / salary rise. We have not been told that consultation has concluded and nor have we signed off any JD for CSMs.

For CrossCountry to simply just ignore due process and bypass your colleagues who have worked extremely hard on a new JD is quite simply appalling and should make you question and be suspicious of why they would do this? What might be contained within that JD that should not be? Do not give away productivity for free. For these reasons TSSA is advising members NOT to sign or agree to the new JD until consultation has concluded. You should email your Manager and HR asking for consultation to resume with your representatives and union asap.

I also understand that a new base salary for a CSMs has been issued, again for the record, TSSA has no knowledge and has NOT agreed this. Until a JD has been agreed and the work you do is quantified and valued, how on earth can a new salary be agreed!

We do not know if this new salary will be subject to any pay rise this year, we have NOT agreed what happens to those earning over the threshold either or what the criteria is for any new managers. Without safeguards and agreements on salary’s that is what can lead to staff in the same grade/role being paid different rates of pay, and we cannot allow that to happen again! TSSA is not confident that the new salary has been assessed against market rates nor do we know if a cap has been placed on this salary.

To accept an immediate pay rise now (via salary uplift) could seriously affect any future pay rises, do not be side tracked by this salary uplift, the whole package needs to be properly and formally agreed.

It was TSSA who demanded a new fit for purpose JD be consulted for CSMs, I doubt very much CrosCountry would have acted on this themselves if we did not force them. It was also TSSA who has been pushing for a salary review for CSMs due to the fact you are all paid differently and have been for years.

Once you have agreed and / or signed to accept the new JD and salary, there will be little we can do, that is why my advice to ALL CSM members is not to accept either until consultation has fully concluded with your union and staff reps. Tell your employer to continue consulting with your union. Do NOT let yourselves agree to something that could harm you later!


Pay talks that should have been held today have been postponed due to availability of another union. As yet, the DfT has NOT sanctioned any pay increases for any government-controlled TOC, so today would just have been to go through our pay claim.

I have made it clear to the Company that we want to start these discussions ASAP and alternative dates are currently being sought.

Please make sure TSSA has your most up to date personal information and your correct job title, work location and grade. This will ensure you receive essential information on any disputes and a ballot form should we call for Industrial Action.

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