EC Summary August 2023

A group of male and female executive committee members of various ages, gathered around a podium with a TSSA flag.

It’s been a busy month for TSSA and your Executive Committee with the focus, as always, being protecting our members jobs and conditions. Nationally we have led the campaign to save our ticket offices with members organising campaign events up and down the country. On 25 August ballot papers dropped in the TSSA General Secretary Election and your EC are urging members to vote for Maryam Eslamdoust as the only candidate who can deliver industrial success, membership growth and the cultural change that TSSA needs.

Your Executive Committee met for a two-day session on 15-16 August. This was the first meeting of your new full Executive Committee after a series of elections took place in June. Your EC took several decisions relating to the strategy and direction of our union. Below is a summary of key decisions. If you have any further questions, then please reach out to your Executive Committee member.

TSSA Strategic Plan

The EC received and discussed the latest draft, which had been developed since the 2023 annual conference. Laura Harrison from Baroness Kennedy’s office is assisting with the statement of values. A further draft will go to SOGs, then come back to EC, who will decide whether this will go to a Special Delegates’ Conference or next year’s annual conference.

The forensic audit of TSSA’s finances

There are no major surprises about expenditure. The EC agreed a further report focusing on actions to follow from the audit.

A full discussion took place about the TSSA print room and how to best utilise this service moving forward.

A full report on the forensic audit will be circulated to Branches and SOGs in due course.

Finance Report

The Finance manager presented a report to the EC and noted that the union’s finances were in a healthy state.

HS2 – compulsory purchase of Walkden House

For the last few years TSSA has been challenging the compensation received from HS2, which the union had been advised fell well short of the property’s value. At this meeting the EC received a report from the Interim General Secretary. It is hoped that TSSA and HS2 will soon reach an agreement and members will of course be updated as soon as we have news.

Pensions – RPS and TfL Pension Fund Review

Rob Jenks, Policy Officer, gave the Executive Committee an update regarding RPS and TFL pensions.

Helpdesk Service

The EC discussed ways in which to improve and utilise our Helpdesk service for members.

Trainee Organiser Report

TSSA intents to recruit a new contingent of trainee organisers. The TUC have run assessment centres and identified suitable candidates who will now be invited to an interview process.

Communications review for TSSA

A review will take place of the TSSA Communications Team to ensure that internal and external communications for members operate in the best manner and that Branches and members are kept fully informed of union activities.


Each month the EC receives a highly detailed report listing the membership in every single rail or travel company. These reports enable your Executive Committee to think strategically about a recruitment plan for the union. Your EC is working with Head Office staff to ensure that the reports give the EC information they need to make informed strategic decisions.

Crisis Management Oversight Group

TSSA is working to implement the recommendations of the Kennedy and Conley report. It is expected that the recommendations will be completed by February 2024.

The EC noted that it is important to keep monitoring the situation on a long term basis even after 2024.

Case workers

The EC discussed the need to review the way that we work with our caseworkers, who provide support to members, to ensure that we are working to best practice.

NDAs / Settlement agreements

The EC reviewed the way that the union used NDAs/Settlement agreements in the past. Anyone who previously signed an NDA with the union can be released if they wish. The EC will review any future NDAs.

TSSA Organisation – Kennedy and Conley

The EC agreed with the Interim General Secretary’s recommendation (as per the Kennedy report) that we have quarterly meetings with the Correspondence Secretaries of the Self-Organising Groups (SOGs).

Rule Book Changes

The EC agreed that the Rule Book must be updated to reflect best practice. Among other things, there needs to be more information about the role and duties of the Executive Committee.

Your EC will seek advice from Unions 21 and the TUC about possible changes to our Rule Book.

Actions from 2023 Annual Conference

The EC received a list of the motions passed at the 2023 conference and the consequent actions to ensure that all actions are properly implemented in a timely manner.

Young Members mini-conference

A proposal was received for a young members mini-conference. There was some discussion around when this should happen and what form should it take. The EC agreed to first find out what young members want from conference.

The General Secretary election

The Scrutineers’ Report was received and accepted. The General Secretary election is currently underway with three candidates on the ballot paper.

EC appointments

The following appointments were agreed to various committees and bodies:

i) Labour Party National Policy Forum

Gemma Southgate and Jayson-Mark Gill

ii) Labour NEC

Nicola Jukes

iii) Labour Party Regional Boards

Gemma Southgate is on the Labour Welsh Women’s committee.

iv) TUC Regional Councils

Midlands – Melissa Heywood

Welsh TUC – Gemma Southgate

v) Appointments Sub-Committee (grade 4)

President, Treasurer, Martin Hartley, Jayson-Mark Gill (1st reserve), Catherine Poole (2nd reserve)

vi) Appointment of Representatives to Joint Staff Council

President, Treasurer, David Hardman with Duncan Bates as 1st reserve

vii) Appointment of Reps to TSSA Staff Superannuation Scheme

Treasurer, Interim General Secretary, Finance Manager

viii) Appointment of Scrutineers to TSSA accounts

David Hardman and Duncan Bates

ix) Appointment of SOC liaison officers

Martin Hartley, Barry Love, David Hardman (1st reserve)

x) Harassment and dignity advisors

President, Treasurer, Catherine Poole

xi) Audit Committee

Duncan Bates, Paul Mangan, Martin Hartley

xii) Code of Governance

President, Catherine Poole, Staff representative

xiii) Investments Committee

Treasurer (chair), Barry Love, David Hardman

xiv) Unions21 Steering Committee


xv) Information Governance Board

Gemma Southgate, Catherine Poole, Barry Love

xvi) Campaigns Committee

Gemma Southgate, Jayson-Mark Gill, Vacant EC position, two organisers, Organising Director, Communications Team member.

xvii) Printing Press Printing Society

Paul Beadle

xviii) Other Responsibility

Will Boisseau to write EC reports.

xix) Change Management team

Ducan Bates, Catherine Poole

xx) Political Selections Committee

Martin Hartley, Nicola Jukes, Paul Beadle, Andi Fox, Mary Sithole


Your EC reviewed a range of correspondence from Self Organised Groups and Branches.

Irish anti-apartheid campaign for Palestine pledge

The EC agreed to support an Amnesty International pledge urging the Irish government to recognise what is happening in Palestine as Apartheid under international law.

Political fighting fund bank account

Your EC agreed to relaunch our political fighting fund bank account which is designed to extend and build the influence of TSSA within the political arena.

National Climate Change Service

The Executive Committee agreed to participate in initial discussions with other unions about the National Climate Change Service.

Benevolent Grant

The EC awarded two benevolent grants to members in hardship.

Application for meritorious service award

Gold Medallions were awarded to Gareth Davies and Marios Alexandrou/

Your Executive Committee meet next on 26/27 September, by which time we will have a new General Secretary. These are extremely exciting times for our union and the workers we represent. If you have any questions or comments for your Executive Committee representative before September then please do get in touch.

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