Independent Inquiry Report Published

8 February 2023

The independent inquiry into allegations of sexual harassment and bullying within TSSA has now concluded.

The inquiry was led by Baroness Helena Kennedy KC and her report has been published. It was given to the TSSA’s Executive Committee on Wednesday 8 February 2023 and shared directly with TSSA staff and members. The report is published in full on this webpage.

The EC accepts the report and its recommendations.

The report makes difficult reading and highlights serious issues that the union needs to face up to and tackle.

TSSA wants to thank everyone who came forwards during the inquiry to give evidence, and we also thank Baroness Helena Kennedy KC and her team for their work.

We know that coming forward may have been incredibly difficult. The contributions will help TSSA to address failings, and become better, safer, and more inclusive.

As a union, TSSA fights for equality, fairness, and social justice for all, regularly winning on equality issues for our members. But it is clear from this report that our union has not followed the values we aspire to for our members.

The report says that sweeping change is required within TSSA. We recognise that change is needed and that action must be taken to urgently address failings. TSSA is committed to implementing widespread change. We are seeking support from the GMB union and we hope to learn from their experience in tackling institutional issues, addressing head-on the challenges and driving through cultural and institutional change.

The Kennedy Report is published in full in the interests of transparency and for all those with an interest in TSSA to have full access to the information contained within it. As mentioned above, it makes difficult reading, but TSSA will not suppress or shy away from the criticisms levelled at the union.

The union’s Executive Committee will prioritise the work needed arising from the Kennedy Report. The union will take time to thoroughly understand the report and its recommendations, and an action plan will be formulated and implemented. With immediate effect, the President and Treasurer have stood down and an Interim President and Interim Treasurer have been appointed.

Under the guidance of the EC, TSSA will act on the report’s recommendations and is committed to achieving the change that is required to secure the confidence of members, staff and especially women across our movement and industries.

Kennedy Report

The Kennedy Report February 2023



The Kennedy Report

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