News - Boilermakers President Newton Jones thanks TSSA for solidarity

The Boilermakers' International President, Newton B. Jones, has written to TSSA to thank them for their letter of solidarity and show of support for the Boilermakers locked out at CESSCO in Edmonton, Alberta.

In his letter, Jones says "We have shared your letter with those members, and they were greatly heartened to know that you and your brothers and sisters at TSSA are standing with them an ocean away.

"Your words were especially encouraging, because the Boilermakers there have been standing their ground on the picket line now for over 19 months, in all manner of weather and circumstances. While it is a weary business, they know, as you and I know, that this stand is important not just to the Boilermakers union, but to all of labor in Alberta and the labor movement as a whole.

"On behalf of all of us at the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, thank you for your message of solidarity, and with best wishes, I am,

"Sincerely and Fraternally,

"Newton B. Jones

"International President"

The letter is attached below