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British Transport Police

TSSA represents members throughout BTP Police Staff grades – in offices and stations as well as PCSOs on all issues which affect terms and conditions, and changes at work such as rosters and working time.

TSSA main contact: Lorraine Ward

Three reasons to join TSSA at BTP

  1. If you are a member and you are facing difficulties as an individual, you can get advice, support and representation. That will include legal advice, and where there may be a successful claim, representation at no extra cost for employment and personal injury claims.
  2. Where there are problems at work that affect a number of staff such as roster, reorganisations or other changes, you will be consulted by the union and have a voice in talks with management.
  3. By becoming part of growing numbers of staff joining TSSA, you will help to improve everyone’s working lives at BTP. With staff joining and supporting union campaigns and initiatives, we become stronger together.

Your union at work

Your team of local and Company Council representatives lead our work in negotiations, resolving local and national problems and by providing first class representation if you find yourself in difficulty at work.

Your rep can be contacted for confidential advice: to talk through any difficulties, for advice and support. They can also represent you in hearings at work such as disciplinary, sickness and grievance meetings or consultations about change.
Find out information about your reps here.
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  1. Humza Yousaf admits seeking alternatives to BTP breakup

    18 December 2018

    After Humza Yousaf confirmed today that alternatives to merging British Transport Police (BTP) with Police Scotland need to be developed TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said “I am glad Humza Yousaf has had the political courage to reverse his predecessor’s decision.

  2. Manuel Cortes calls for Michael Matheson to be sacked over mishandling of BTP/Police Scotland merger

    30 September 2018

    Speaking exclusively to the Herald on Sunday, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes called for former Justice Secretary Michael Matheson to be sacked from Cabinet for his complete mishandling of the British Transport Police (BTP)/Police Scotland merger.

  3. Manuel Cortes says Humza Yousaf should appoint himself executive overlord of BTP

    19 September 2018

    Manuel Cortes today welcomed news that Humza Yousaf says legislation to merge British Transport Police with Police Scotland might never be enacted but said he should now stop wasting time.

  4. TSSA Leader says £700k wasted as Ernst & Young fail to deliver workable plan to merge BTP and Police Scotland

    11 September 2018

    Manuel Cortes today lambasted Scottish Government over news that consultants including Ernst & Young were costing Scottish taxpayers over £700K.

  5. Cortes backs Scottish Labour calls for statement from SNP on BTP merger

    4 September 2018

    Manuel Cortes today added his voice to calls from Scottish Labour for an emergency statement from the SNP on plans for the future of the merger between British Transport Police and Police Scotland.

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