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TSSA main contact: Tony Wheeler

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  1. Greater Anglia Management Job Slashes

    10 January 2019 - Greater Anglia

    The TSSA is still reeling from the shock of the Management Staff cull that began yesterday. Some Managers have been called into meetings and their services dispensed with. Based on all the feedback that I have heard, it has been ruthless and confusing. I personally feel a great deal of sorrow for all Greater Anglia employees who should all be concerned for their futures.

  2. Manuel Cortes calls for public ownership of Greater Anglia after Dutch subsidy revelation

    17 October 2018 - Greater Anglia

    TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has called for Greater Anglia to be placed in public hands after it emerged taxpayers in the Netherlands have effectively subsidised the franchise to the tune of £80 million over the past two years.

  3. Bad weather highlights broken rail system

    28 February 2018 - Greater Anglia,Network Rail

    Because of the privatised and fragmented rail system, train operating companies owned by Holland, Germany, Italy and France, as well as some of our richest individuals are getting million pound bad weather payouts from the taxpayer via Network Rail.

  4. Greater Anglia: Removal of work from Norwich Contact Centre

    2 October 2017 - Greater Anglia

    Norwich Contact Centre employees must be delighted that Andrew Goodrum has been down to discuss with employees the fact that there is no truth to the TSSA’s announcement on job cuts. Regardless of what you may have been told, changes are on the horizon and even if Greater Anglia will not divulge their true intentions we can inform members of the facts.

  5. Greater Anglia: Removal of work from Norwich Contact Centre

    20 September 2017 - Greater Anglia

    I regret to inform our members working in the Norwich contact centre that their employer intends to shut down the contact centre and transfer the work to Scotland. There has been a shift in the business whereby previously hard to come by jobs will be ripped away from the good hard-working folk of East Anglia.

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