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RSSB: General Election of TSSA Reps

11 May 2021

The general election of TSSA staff reps in RSSB is now overdue, mainly owing to Covid-19. Details of elections are below.

TSSA’s current reps are as follows:

TSSA bargaining reps: Martha Parkhurst, Gillian Pitter, Shamil Velji.

TSSA health and safety reps: David Hardman, 1 vacancy

With Shamil Velji leaving the employment of RSSB shortly thereby creating another vacancy, it seems to be an opportune time to hold these elections.

Nominations are therefore invited for 3 bargaining rep positions, and 2 health and safety rep positions. Existing reps are eligible to be nominated for another term of office.

Nominations must be made using the appropriate official TSSA nomination forms. These can be obtained (by email only) from TSSA paid official Steve Coe or from the existing reps, along with information on what being a TSSA rep involves.

Completed nomination forms should be scanned and sent by email to, and must be received by noon on Wednesday 26 May 2021.

The role of the TSSA bargaining rep is to represent RSSB staff including the negotiation of matters relating to pay and contractual terms and conditions. The role does not normally deal with matters of safety, health and wellbeing as they are dealt with primarily by the separate TSSA health and safety reps.

The nominations are for a three year term of office ending on 31 May 2024.

Steve Coe said “On behalf of the TSSA membership and RSSB staff in general, I wish to express our gratitude to Shamil Velji for all his hard work on behalf of RSSB people. I should like to wish him all the best for the future.”


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