CrossCountry Trains – 2022 Pay and Action Required by You

Pay talks are now scheduled to take place for those members covered by collective bargaining on 6th June. As always, TSSA shall demand that those members who are not covered by collective bargaining because of the salary threshold, also benefit from a pay rise no less than what is achieved via negotiations.

We submitted a pay claim several weeks ago on behalf of all our members covered by collective bargaining, plus Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary wrote to all employers under DfT control asking for several assurances, they are; a rate of inflation pay rise, job security via a no compulsory redundancy guarantee, and no detrimental changes to your T&Cs. We will be asking the Company to respond positively to our claim and give these assurances. We will report back to you the details of any offer made or if no offer is made as we shall need to urgently gauge your views on our next steps.

As you will be aware, RMT have chosen to ballot their members for industrial action before knowing what a pay offer will look like. TSSA has decided not to follow RMT and therefore we are NOT balloting at this time. We believe in a fair and democratic process by which you, our members, decide what is acceptable or not. However, if CrossCountry Trains fail to make a pay offer or the offer made is considerably below expectations of what would constitute a fair and reasonable pay increase, then we do intend to ballot you for industrial action. ASLEF have also now declared they too will ballot their Driver members if TOCs fail to make a significant offer on pay.

What you need to do

Every member must ensure that TSSA has your most up to date information including, home address, email address, mobile number, job title and workplace/ location. If we do not have your correct details, you will NOT receive a ballot paper or referendum ballot paper. It is YOUR pay, so you need to decide.

It is essential you take part in any referendum ballot and/ or formal ballot to have your say over the issues that affect you. But unless we have your correct details, you will not be included. If you know of any colleagues who aren’t yet members ask them to join, this year may be the year you fight for your pay and jobs. Do NOT be left out!

You can check and or change your personal details by emailing our membership department or by logging onto MyTSSA.

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Are you up to date?

Make sure your personal details are always up to date by logging in to the MyTSSA members' area.

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