CrossCountry Trains – Customer Service Managers - Management of Contingency

CrossCountry Trains have failed to consult with TSSA over their proposals for management of contingency for Customer Service Managers. 

TSSA CrossCountry Trains Organiser Tracy Wines writes to members, saying:

I know a meeting was held for employees by the Head of Safety, who quite frankly, should have known better that the Company needed to consult with TSSA first before rolling out their proposals.

To be absolutely clear, TSSA has NOT agreed to the Company’s proposals for XCTL-266.

TSSA has grave concerns over what is being expected of CSMs and other roles in the business, and the potential detriment this could have on your already over-stretched workloads not to mention the H&S and wellbeing of staff.

I have spoken to the Company today and told them that unless they meet with us urgently to meaningfully consult on their proposals, we will be in dispute.

You deserve better, you deserve to have a say in what happens to your roles and if you have issues and concerns, you have the right to raise them in a controlled and measured environment such as a consultation meeting with your trade union present.

I am also aware that the role and duties of CSMs has evolved somewhat from what the original job description states, so we urgently need to re-look at the role and duties you perform with a view to re-writing your job description so they are fully reflective of what you do (what the role should do), plus any other duties CrossCountry want you to perform will need to be properly consulted on, including any potential salary increase to reflect new duties and tasks.

A formal consultation meeting will take place next Monday 8th November with myself and your staff reps, Donna Tudor and Nicola Perry on the Company’s Management of Contingency proposals.

It is essential that any member who has concerns or issues about the impact of these changes to their roles and workloads comes forward and speaks to your reps. You will only achieve success by collectively working together. Do not allow yourselves to be bullied or forced into undertaking additional training or duties, use your collective voice and protect yourselves and your roles.

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