News Update Including CSMs JD, Contingency Guards and Rail Reform

Firstly, happy new year to you all.

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Contingency Guards and RMT Strike

Let me be very clear on this issue, it was TSSA who put a stop to the whole contingency guard training under the XCTL-266 for CSMs. We identified numerous safety concerns with what the Company were proposing, not to mention the fact they failed to even consult on the changes with us in the first place!

The Company has confirmed that CSMs will NOT be responsible for the training of contingency guards other than their own direct reports, so this includes any Managers and other employees that volunteer to become a contingency guard, CSMs will NOT train or be responsible for them.

TSSA is concerned though as to where this responsibility may end up, and I would remind all members that any changes to your roles and responsibilities need to be consulted and agreed in advance of implementation. If anyone is approached to take on additional work and/or responsibilities without proper consultation that do not currently form part of your role, then you need to advise your staff reps immediately.

I’d like to remind all TSSA members that you should refrain from volunteering to undertake duties and tasks that are NOT part of your normal tasks and duties. Not only does this undermine the position of those staff taking industrial action but it also undermines your own roles and value too.

CSM Job Descriptions and Duties

It is apparent that CSMs employed at CrossCountry do not have well defined job descriptions, and over the years your roles have expanded beyond what is both realistic and manageable. It would also appear there has been very little in the way of proper consultation on these additional duties and tasks and there certainly hasn’t been a salary review.

TSSA and your staff reps are working extremely hard negotiating a new JD for all CSMs employed at CrossCountry Trains that is fit for purpose and reflects what the core role of a CSM should be. I’m also aware that CSMs are undertaking tasks and duties that really should sit elsewhere within the business and as part of the process we are engaged in we will seek to ensure those tasks are aligned to the appropriate roles within the business and NOT with CSMs. However, you as members need to play your role and say NO to additional duties and tasks that do not currently form part of your role.

It has become clear that there is no proper process for objective setting, and we have an agreement from the Company that they will work with TSSA to ensure this process is both realistic and manageable going forwards. Once we have an agreed process for objective setting, we shall of course brief you on this. The workload that CSMs have with regards to Cleaners is just too much and this is an area we have got the Company to re-look at along with the re-distribution of certain tasks. Taxi audits will not be done by CSMs going forwards, deputising for Regional Managers will be more structured and we have told the Company we expect HGD payments (Higher Grade Duty) when you undertake this role. CSMs also need to have an agreed, consistent, and manageable number of direct reports. I’m aware that CSMs along with other grades within the business are and have been approached to undertake other tasks and duties, in addition to their own under the guise of “personal development”, now whilst personal development is important and TSSA certainly does not want to stop members from gaining this, it cannot be used to get cheap labour from you or undermine your worth! Be careful what you agree to as it could have further and bigger repercussions down the line and you could be setting a precedent for your colleagues.

TSSA is also aware that there is not a common agreed salary for CSMs meaning you could all be receiving different salaries for doing the same job which could have massive repercussions for the Company, and this is an area TSSA will address and pursue with the Company on your behalf.


If you work on-call, please ensure that you have a minimum of 12-hours rest between working a shift and going on-call or vice a versa if you are safety critical. It has come to my attention that CrossCountry have advised some staff that they do not need to have this 12-hour rest period. If you have been affected by this you need to let me or your staff reps know asap, this is also a safety issue. There is no defined on-call agreement for CSMs and that is a major concern to us and one we shall be pursuing. When on-call you should not be using this time to “catch up” on your daily job.

The Future

TSSA's priority is to protect your jobs, salaries, and pensions. As you will no doubt be aware there are huge reforms set for the rail industry, the biggest we have seen for many, many years, and the government want a cost saving of around £2 billion. It is essential that you keep your staff reps informed of any proposed changes to your roles and responsibilities, if we don’t know what’s happening then we can’t do anything about it. All TOCs will be looking to save money wherever they can, if they can cut jobs they will, but if the work isn’t

going or diminishing, then it will fall to those of you who remain and that means bigger workloads and longer hours with no extra pay. We all need to be aware that the only way in which we protect jobs is to stand united.

TSSA is also concerned as well as job cuts and pay cuts, there could be an attack on your pensions as part of the governments rail reform. We need to be aware and ready to fight for what is ours. We will keep all members updated.

If you have concerns about your role, T&Cs, or if you are experiencing bullying and or harassment at work either individually or collectively, let your staff reps or myself know asap. CSMs are working as a collective group to drive change and it is working, you too can do the same.

Staff Rep Vacancy

TSSA has an exciting opportunity available to members as we have a H&S staff rep vacancy. This position comes with full training which you are entitled to paid time off to attend. You will attend safety briefings, undertake risk assessments (when trained and competent) attend the JSC (Joint Safety Council) along with staff reps from the other unions, be part of driving change and developing policies and procedures on H&S in the workplace. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

If you would like more information on the detail of this circular then please contact, Tracy Wines, TSSA Full Time Officer.

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