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Ian Bellehewe

Ian a white man with brown hair and beard, blue eyes, and black framed glasses. He is wearing a maroon shirt with a yellow lanyard. Behind him a yellow Merseyrail

My name is Ian Bellehewe and my role in Merseyrail is within the Fleet Team as TARA Compliance Manager. I’ve been working in the railway industry for eight years, the first five years with OEMs such as Siemens and Bombardier with the last three years at here at Merseyrail. Prior to this I served in the Royal Navy as a technician in the Aircraft Engineering branch.

I believe in what the trade union movement stands for and that a good and positive relationship existing between a trade union and an employer can only be of benefit to both parties.

My role as Management Company Council Representative for Merseyrail covers all management grades within Merseyrail. This is my first time holding this responsibility and I’m looking forward to working within the role to achieve the best outcomes for everyone involved.

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