Merseyrail: Increase to General Grades Pay offer

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We are updating members on the outcome of our Avoidance Of Disputes (AOD) meeting on 3 August with Merseyrail, in relation to the General Grades pay. Since this meeting your negotiators have discussed the offer and wish to carry out a referendum of your opinions.

We pushed the employer to consider a much-improved offer given the fact that inflation is still incredibly high and having an impact on all of your living expenses.

In the final analysis we were offered the following:

One Year No strings Offer:

• 7.1% increase.

• A fixed increase of £1800 for those earning under £24,000, giving an average increase to those staff of 8.11%.

Whilst we had hoped to receive a higher offer, we recognise that this is at least no less than the pay offer received last year which some members have expressed was their minimum bar. We now consider negotiations to have been exhausted. In our view the only way of improving the offer would be to consider some form of industrial action, therefore if you vote to reject the pay offer, we will interpret this as an indicative mandate to carry down that path and carry out a formal ballot for industrial action (subject to our Executive Committees approval). To be clear we are not recommending that course of action in this instance.

You will have 2 weeks to vote, so please do so via the following link by 15:00 on 23 August:

It’s really important that you have your say and use your vote!

Also considered asking a colleague who isn’t in the union to join TSSA online so that that they can have their say!