Pay Transparency at RSSB

TSSA Reps at RSSB have been busy working with the company on Pay Transparency. Following the pay talks with TSSA at the beginning of this year, RSSB agreed to work with TSSA on the issues raised with their pay system. The top issue was transparency – people reported to TSSA that they do not understand basic things relating to the pay and grading system at RSSB.

Ensuring members of TSSA understand the pay and grading system, then identifying opportunities to progress and what needs to change to enable that, is the ongoing work of TSSA Reps at RSSB.

Since April 2022 TSSA has met with the company a few times to hear their situation, advocate for the interests of members and to explore what can be done to meet those interests, starting with transparency of the pay and grading system itself. The TSSA rep team report there is progress being made, and have proposed a four-point action plan with the company. 

Read the full Four Point Action Plan on Pay Transparency in the RSSB document section of our website.