TSSA Newsletter

TSSA is helping to secure more ticket office closures to secure your safety.

TSSA reps have been negotiating with management; their position is centred on the safety of staff and focused on reducing the spread of the virus.

TSSA has been calling for more non-essential staff to be stood down in order to reduce the risk to staff and the risk to other workers who absolutely must travel like those working for the NHS. People should only be travelling and working when absolutely necessary.

Following the company council meeting on Friday 17 April, the following was agreed:

Ticket Offices

  • More ticket offices will now be closed and staff stood down. More details to follow from reps.
  • Where stations have an up and downside ticket office (Orpington and Gravesend as an example) only one should be open.


  • London terminals, Waterloo East and Stratford will remain in operation.
  • All others will be opened up so staff can socially distance adequately.
  • Normal rostering principles should still be followed.
  • So resident staff should work their stations and spare staff only used when necessary, not multiple staff entering the same office during the course of the week unnecessarily.

Additional Areas TSSA Continue to Push:

  • Partners of pregnant people (especially those in the last trimester) should be allowed to work at home and if this isn’t able then they should be able to stay at home, with no affect to their pay – in line with others shielding.
  • Vulnerable and extremely vulnerable: the partners of those who live with extremely vulnerable are currently covered and able to shield with full pay and it is TSSA's position that those of vulnerable should also be offered this protection.
  • Annual Leave – proportionate should not mean an excessive forced number of days. And the company should adopt a flexible approach to the carry over for 2 years, as per government advice.
  • Working from home – we want to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of staff is taken as a serious responsibility of the company too. If you are working from home, what is your set up like?
  • 2 metres is the absolute minimum distance that should be in place. Where this can’t happen other measures should be being used – this may or may not include screens or PPE love gloves and masks. These options are being explored. If you are concerned, for example you are in a control room, tell us!
  • TSSA will request the company take a flexible approach to bereavement leave taking in to account the attendance at funerals etc will be different in this period.

TSSA central to sector wide forums and agreements

Manuel Cortes is a member of the Rail Industry Coronavirus Forum and this week there were two meetings to discuss health and safety and social distancing concerns. This aims to then set the standard for all TOCs – Southeastern is represented on this too.

Tell us your experiences. Contact your rep and/or tell us.  

Solidarity with other workers

TSSA is deeply saddened by the loss of fellow transport workers working for other companies. We offer our sincere condolences to all those affected by such a tragic loss. 

Next meeting with management

Thursday 23 April 2020. If you have questions/issues please speak to you reps who will escalate to company council reps: Mick, Al and Sharon. 

A reminder: Make it easier for TSSA to contact you

It is vital we can contact as many people as possible. If you know a fellow member not receiving these comms, please advise them to update their details. Please also update with most recent job title and workplace if you have moved around the company/industry.