Stena Line final 2023 pay offer accepted

Dear TSSA member

We apologise that it has taken us until now to update you on the 2023 pay negotiations. Following the referendum results which we published on 09/02/23 rejecting the pay offer we used your mandate to re-negotiate improved terms. 

The purpose of this latest communication is to share the improved offer with you and to confirm that on this occasion the reps have taken the unusual step of accepting this without running a follow up referendum. The reps were very confident based on their continued dialogue with you their members that this is the best offer that can be achieved and that you were keen to receive the increase and backpay as soon as possible. 

The detail of the core offer is outlined below, please see the full improved offer letter from the company at the bottom of this update:

• An additional 3% consolidated pay uplift to basic pay 

• A £1250 gross, non-consolidated, one-off, and non-contractual payment to be paid in the next available     payroll after notification of acceptance of the offer 

• Or a £1000, one off, non-contractual Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) to Company Pension 

Regarding the retrospective payment for lieu days the company has now confirmed that they are ready to engage with your reps to validate those in scope and members will be recompensed in the April payroll as a one-off payment. 

 We have also made progress on the discussions around unsociable hours payments and the company has committed to meet with us by the end of April to explore this further. 

Stena Line 2023 final pay offer letter

Stena Line 2023 final pay offer