TPE: Planned Industrial Action Short of Strike.

TSSA has called industrial action short of strike from 00:01 on Tuesday 9 August to 23:59 on Wednesday 7 September.

This means we are instructing members to participate in the following:

  • Overtime ban
  • Refusal to work rest days
  • Ban on non-rostered staff working weekends and nights
  • Ban on undertaking contingency duties arising from industrial action
  • No mentoring of colleagues including new starters
  • No training of colleagues including new starters
  • No double desking (no carrying out work of absent colleagues and vacancies)
  • Ban on on-call activities including ban on covering vacant on-call lines
  • Ban on out of hours work communication

This means that you should not undertake any of the above listed activities within the defined period of action.

We are clear that this is lawful industrial action, and you have legal protection against any victimisation for participating in this action.

For the benefit of members, we have sought legal advice covering the Action Short of Strike and particularly “Ban on on-call activities including ban on covering vacant on-call lines” or as it is referred to the in the legislation as “call-out ban”.

The relevant legislation  is the Trade Union and Labour relations (Consolidation) act 1992.

We regard the confusing statements made by the employer as a deliberate act to sabotage our action because they are afraid of the impact.

We are seeking:

  • Job Security
  • A decent pay rise
  • No enforced changes to your terms and conditions

We would suggest that any members being approached and questioned about the Action Short of Strike should request that those queries are sent to them in writing so that members can pass the communications to their TSSA organiser Alan Valentine, advice can then be sought about whether this constitutes the illegal act of victimising trade union members for carryout trade union activities.

Any attempt to victimise you will be robustly defended.
Hopefully this clarifies the situation and reassures members who will be taking part in this action from 9 of August.  This collective action will demonstrate to the employer the power, of TSSA members, particularly of management grades when they stick together in solidarity.

Please encourage your colleagues to join TSSA online union today so that they can also take part in the Industrial action.

We recommend that this communication is put up on union notice boards for other colleagues to read.

If any members are interested in becoming a TSSA workplace contact or representative, then they can contact Alan Valentine on