TPE: Transfer to DOHL Group

Members might remember back in June we advised that since the TUPE transfer of TPE to DFT Operator of Last Resort Holdings Limited Group (DOHL) that TSSA were making approaches to DOHL to enact a process by which staff working within a company within that “group” of companies (TPE, LNER, Norther and South Eastern) could have continuity of employment if they were successful in moving to one of the other DOHL companies, we were also seeking to ensure that there were reciprocal travel arrangements.

Last week at the company’s Joint Negotiating Forum (JNF) TPE tabled a Policy on Continuity of Employment that should lead the way towards that becoming a reality, it will also mean that any other benefits that are service based (e.g. annual leave entitlement) will also be able to be applied to individuals moving to one of the other companies as their prior service will be taken into account when they move as long as it is within one of the DOHL groups companies and subject to the terms of the policy. Trade unions were able to give their feedback on the document and we hope that it can be finalised in the near future subject to a few minor amendments.

Reciprocal travel – the company advised us at the same meeting that in principle they hope to grant some form of reciprocal travel between those in DOHL companies it is just about resolving capacity issues within LNER and working out the detail of how that will look (potentially some form of ‘boxes’ arrangement like in Frist Group). Whilst it is still subject to DFT approvals they advised they hope to have something in place by September, when we know more, we will let you know. Members with any Questions can contact Alan Valentine on

TSSA has been leading on the points above in order to secure positive benefits for you and your colleagues so please talk to your colleagues about this and those who aren’t yet members to join TSSA online

Ticket office Closures

TSSA also raised concerns at the JNF, about access to the Stations Company Council meetings whilst HR have had several meetings Alan Valentine to run over the proposals the company had initially advised he or someone else from TSSA wouldn’t be able to attend the Company Council meetings.

This is now resolved and Paul Atkinson, TSSA Organiser will be attending the next Stations Company Council meeting arranged for 30th August and stations members with queries or concerns should contact him on