TPE: TSSA Representative Vacancies – Company Council and Health & Safety

I am writing to you to advise that we need to run a nomination process for vacant representative positions. I want to thank Vicky for all her hard work as a rep and agreeing to stay on until we have run a nomination/election process to find her replacement. We also have a Health & Safety representative vacancy in the team as well so I will run an election for both positions in tandem. Please speak to your colleagues about either becoming a Company Council Representative (Industrial or Staff Rep) or a Health and Safety Representative (ideally, they should be different people so that we spread the workload, although one person can hold both positions).


1x Company Council representative seat - nomination form

1 x Health & Safety representative seat -  nomination form

To be eligible for election candidates must:

  • Have minimum of six months service with TPE
  • Have substantive post within the Bargaining unit
  • Be a member of TSSA
  • Be supported/nominated by not less that six TSSA members from within the bargaining unit

*Please note that support can be demonstrated in 2 ways, either by signing the nomination form or by emailing Alan Valentine from the email registered to your TSSA membership record or a company email address – In the email you should state: “I wish to nominate [name of candidate] for the position of Company council rep/Health & safety rep” *delete as appropriate. It is important candidates interested in standing speak to those they wish to nominate them, making it clear which positions they wish to stand for and ensure that nominees they either sign the nomination form or email Alan to nominate a candidate.

Candidates should complete the relevant Nomination form (links above next to the vacant position), they should complete this and email it to Alan Valentine ( by 10am on Thursday 08/02/2024 (supporting emails to nominate candidates can be received separately but must be received by the same time and date)

Those supporting/nominating candidates simply need to be a TSSA member from within the bargaining unit (i.e. an on Trains RPA or RPO) therefore colleagues can join the union in order to nominate candidates and the quickest way of joining is via our website.

If we receive more nomination forms than there are rep vacancies, then we will run an election to select the successful candidates. Nomination forms for both positions can also be found in the document tab of the TransPennine Express section of our website.