Government ‘dereliction of duty’ over Minimum Service Levels says TSSA

Doncaster picket line people holding TSSA flags, placards and 'official picket' posters 1 October 2022

Rail union TSSA has warned of a ‘dereliction of duty’ by the government over the implementation of minimum service levels (MSLs) for rail. 

The move comes after the Commons Transport Committee urged Ministers not to overlook the risks of MSL regulations. The Committee chair, Ian Stewart MP, pointed to ‘a risk of MSLs worsening worker-employer relations’, something which TSSA has long argued would be the result of MSLs. 

Stewart also said the legislation could make services less reliable in the event of a strike. The regulations, which would see a requirement of 40 per cent of normal timetables being run by train companies in the event of a strike, were recently rushed through Parliament. 

Responding, TSSA General Secretary, Maryam Eslamdoust said: “The Transport Committee is right to point out the risks of this foolish and ill-conceived legislation.  

“The implementation of Minimum Service Levels amounts to a dereliction of duty by Conservative Ministers hell bent on attacking working people. Not only has this been rushed through Parliament without proper scrutiny, not only does it amount to an attack on British democracy, but it will serve to inflame industrial tensions.  

“Rather than the government’s daft anti-strike laws, the people of this country would be much better served by Ministers making sure there’s a full and reliable service across our railways each and every week." 

TSSA members attending a rally

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