Have your say on the improved Stena Line 2023 pay offer

Dear TSSA member

You will recall that in 2021 we agreed a multi-year pay deal which concludes this year. At that time, we agreed a 2% pay increase for 2023 which the company has already processed. In addition, the pay offer included a caveat that if RPI were to raise above 3% in October 2022 we would re-enter the negotiations. As you are no doubt aware RPI is well in excess of that figure and so your reps have now attended a couple of meetings to secure an enhanced offer.

The purpose of this communication is to share the offer with you and to seek your feedback through the Stena Line improved 2023 pay offer survey by 08/02/2023. The company has confirmed that this is their full and final offer and your reps would now like to hear from you the members as to whether the offer is acceptable or not.

The detail of the core offer is outlined below, please see the letter from the company at the bottom of this update which includes additional items which will also be of interest to you:

•  A further 3% consolidated pay uplift to basic pay

•  A £1000 gross, non-consolidated, one off and non-contractual payment to be paid in the next available payroll after notification of acceptance of the offer

While our primary aim is to seek your views on the two pay related headings we would also like to draw your specific attention to two items which are included in the letter. The first relates to retrospective payments for lieu days. We have had some positive dialogue with the company on this so far however we still have questions including eligibility criteria and payment terms.

The second refers to previous discussions relating to some of our members who work unsociable hours for no extra pay. This is an issue which we have been seeking to address for some time now and so we intend to go back to the company to set firm dates to urgently discuss both of these items before we conclude this year's pay negotiations. 

As a member-led, organising union, your pay claim priorities will shape our reps' negotiating position. Members will decide whether we decide to accept or reject offers put forward by the company.

If you're not already a member of a recognised trade union, join TSSA today and have your say! 

Stena Line improved 2022 pay offer letter

Stena Line 2023 improved pay offer letter