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Karen Breakspear

Karen Breakspear, Going Beyond for members

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It became apparent early on in my role as a rep that ‘if not me then who’. Because of the good work TSSA does on equality issues, more people are coming to me and other reps with more complex cases; cases that can't be resolved simply by representing people through disciplinary and grievance processes. You have to go beyond, identify and work with the people who can influence decisions to create the change required in the company. 

I wanted to help create an environment that recognised going above and beyond was something our reps quietly and consistently do all the time. For new reps, this was something that was often learned through doing, rather than taught specifically in our education programmes. To support them we needed some way of creating a ‘feed it back’ circle of learning and reflection, so supporting each other to grow which in turn helps our members. We must listen to learn, and learn to listen. Going Beyond provides this as an everyday experience and becomes the learning and the knowledge bank for reps and members - way to go TSSA!