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Nadine Rae

Learning at Work Week CoP Launch

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Our Going Beyond education programme has sparked loads of interest from TSSA members and representatives who want to contribute towards positive change in their workplace and union roles. This week is Learning at Work Week and the perfect time to launch our first two Communities of Practice (CoPs). TSSA Rep Karen Breakspear helped inspire the new CoP approach and believes listening and learning from one another is the key to effective workplace learning. She says:

“We must listen to learn, and learn to listen. Going Beyond provides this as an everyday experience and becomes the learning and the knowledge bank for reps and members - way to go TSSA!” - TSSA Lead Equality Rep, Karen Breakspear

Addressing Bullying & Harassment Community of Practice

If we are to effectively address bullying and harassment in our workplaces and shift to an inclusive work environment, then we need to explore the factors that cause workplace discrimination. Even if CoP members are familiar with the concept of bias, we still need to explore why bias still exists when organisations are more aware and committed to equality, diversity and inclusion than ever before? TSSA’s Addressing Bullying & Harassment CoP will start that exploration this week. Our first Going Beyond event Exploring Unconscious Bias will be held Tuesday 19 May 1100-1300. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing

This week is also Mental Health Awareness Week and is the perfect time to launch our new Mental Health & Wellbeing Community of Practice. Over the next week you will find out more about what our CoP will be doing over 2020. CoP Organiser Steve Loft will share practical steps you can take to promote mental health awareness during the coronavirus pandemic and other information to help you plan positive change in your workplace.