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Nadine Rae

Producing Results - What can you expect to see?

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Here are a set of areas that we will explore over the 4 part series: -

·       Review how workplace cultures effect the production of results and people development.

·       Exploration of how leadership and management styles get results and how those styles affect people and whether they’re appropriate

·       Understand how our perception shapes our reality’ and the effects it has on our interactions

·       Discuss how the management of performance impacts results

·       Analyse how using an emotionally intelligent, inclusive leadership approach enables us to deliver sustainable results

 Later this week we will be releasing 2 videos from guest speakers that have had experience working in environments that are very much about producing results; a former head Chef who has working in a range of challenging and demanding environments and a former performance coach in the world of football who has worked with Premier League players. Both of them will give you a brief insight into what their world’s were like and then later in the month, you will get the opportunity to join them live to ask them questions and explore how results were produced and the impact that had on them, the teams and the environment around them.

Following on from this, we will explore and discuss a range of different leadership and management approaches to understand the impact that they have on producing results on the individual, team and culture, for example: - the challenge of getting the task done, whilst developing the individual and getting the best from them as well as building a high performing team – no mean feat!!

We will also look at some of the research from the Harvard Business Review and see how the area of performance review and appraisal systems has been undergoing, somewhat, of a revolution over the past few years and what organisations are doing now to create an approach that gets the best from their people.

Finally, we will hone in on what an inclusive, emotionally intelligence leader looks and sounds like and how they get the best results from their people through understanding their personality and strengths through a person-centred approach.

These 4 sessions will act as the catalyst for what is sure to be an insightful, thought-provoking series.