E-Mix Reloaded's message of solidarity to Dr Louise Raw

Five arms with different skin tones with hands locked on wrists representing racial equality.

TSSA E-Mix Reloaded sends this message of solidarity to Dr Louise Raw following threats made to her and her son made by fascists.

We applaud the heroic work Dr Raw has undertaken to expose the lies and violence of organised racists and fascists over many years. Her work has been critical work in exposing racist and fascist thugs for what they are.

We are appalled that fascists have published Dr Raw's home address, posted a photo of her flat, and made a direct threat to attack her son, making it clear that they know which school he attends.

We want this threat to be treated seriously given the history of violence perpetrated by racist and fascist groups. The police are aware of this threat and must ensure that the perpetrators are prosecuted. It cannot be acceptable for racists and fascists to make such threats and the police must apply the resources necessary to deal with the case.

E-Mix Reloaded will do whatever it can to support Dr Louis Raw. Through the EC and TSSA’s national conference we will strive to redouble our efforts to ensure that when organised racists and fascists attempt to march on our streets many more trade unionists and anti-racists will be there to oppose them.

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