A white man and a black man stand either side of a pop up banner which reads "TSSA E-MIX Reloaded: united against racism. The white man is wearing a blue shirt with a white shirt underneath and the black man wears a black t-shirt. The Banner has four hands in 4 different skin colours clasping each other's wrists in a show of unity.

BAME & EMIXFeedback from E-Mix Reloaded's Social Event

E-mix Reloaded social night 2022


E-mix Reloaded organised an evening social event at TSSA's annual conference. Here's what some of those attending said about the event afterwards.

Thank you for a fantastic E-Mix event. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Some of the attendees

An asian woman, a black man and a white woman hugging in a group and holding balloons. There is a black woman playing a steel drum behind them.


E-mix Reloaded: * Felt welcomed * Part of a family * Loved the music and atmosphere

Thank you Emix for a wonderful event “Stronger together”

Our Organisers Ricky Jones and Gareth Theobald

A white man and a black man stand either side of a pop up banner which reads

Thank you for an amazing event – Absolutely excellent

Bustin’! Do it again next conference!

Having fun!

A black woman and a black man standing together. The woman is wearing a brightly covered dress and the man is wearing a black t-shirt with a blue and yellow logo. A banner behind them reads

Nice to see what you guys are doing for ethnic minorities! T-shirts are amazing to raise awareness.

Good company

Three asian men in traditional clothing. The man in the middle wears a dark robe with embroidery on the shoulders, pockets and edges over a grey shirt. The man on the left wears a robe with pale green and grey stripes trimmed with gold embroidery. He has a red headscarf with a gold pattern which is wrapped around his head and hangs over one shoulder. The man on the right is in white with red embroidery on the edges. They are all smiling.

E-mix event absolutely excellent!

Good food, good times

An Indian thali plate wth rice in the middle, a pile of mini poppadoms, a flatbread, a triangular samosa, a raita dip and 4 bowls of different vegetarian curries.

Wonderful! Great music, food and conversation. Diolch! X


A silver circular plate with rice on one side and three different types of curry on the other. Next to it is an silver oblong plate with garlic nans and a raita dip.

Last night, E-mix night a classic. Possibly best conference night I have experienced, thank you

Everyone complemented the food!

a circular silver plate with rice on the right side and vegetable curry on the left.

E-mix event was excellent. Great food and great music and great company. Hard work from the E-mix committee.

We all had such a great time!

An Asian man in a blue shirt and a black turban gives a thumbs up to the camera and a black man in a black t-shir hugs him from behind. They are both grinning happily.

E-mix event on Saturday was a fantastic evening. Excellent company and music, very enjoyable. Thank you guys.

Had a fantastic time at the E-mix event! Great food, drink, music and most of all great friends and comrades.

Never Again. Always mobilise against organised racists and fascists.

E-mix event - Brilliant steel drum player! Fab food.

The E-mix evening was brilliant. The venue chosen was renowned for its wide choice of world-wide cuisines at modest prices, and the musical entertainment by a traditional West Indian steel band. Solo drum player was good. Excellent evening.

Great event. Had a great time. Thanx

E-mix. Wonderful evening, super food, superb entertainment and fabulous company! Best wishes,

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