'Litany of mixed messages' from government

TSSA has accused the government of "a litany of mixed messages", following the announcement of further lockdown easing measures. 

Manuel Cortes, TSSA General Secretary, said: 

“This is more mixed messages from the government and a lack of clarity on key points. It's clear that the government is now desperate to pass the blame for its mishandling of the pandemic onto others, whether local authorities, employers or individuals. 

“Hancock's nonsense yesterday about the lockdown starting a week before it did is a case in point. The Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) was crystal clear as he addressed MPs yesterday: his advice was for the lockdown to start earlier as the R number was already at 3 on 16 March.

“Today, the government is simply adding to its litany of mixed messages, hoping this is going to get them off the hook. Telling bosses and workers that they can return to the office from the first of August - but then when questioned saying he agrees with what the CSA said yesterday that people should continue to work from home. Clear as mud.

“Of course, this is a deliberate strategy to pin the blame on individuals as they have to make decisions with no clear direction in the vague hope that the government won't get the blame when things go wrong. Frankly, the Prime Minister ought to know that it won't wash as the buck stops with him.”