May Day at TSSA

Future TSSA at on Cuba Solidarity mission

TSSA’s General Secretary – Maryam Eslamdoust – reflects on the celebration of May Day. 

Our TSSA union was forged in struggle more than 125 years ago, and that struggle continues today.  

For us – and our union brothers and sisters – fighting for the rights of workers, engaging in the struggle to make our country and our world more equal and just are solemn vows.  

May Day is a red letter day for us, not only on our railways and across the transport and travel industries we represent. It is a moment to take stock, celebrate and gather our strength for the coming battles.  

We have won so much through our collective endeavours but if we are honest there is still a world to win. This is a world in which working people are able to go to their jobs and live their lives in safety and freedom, without the threat of any kind of discrimination. 

It is also a world of decent pay and rights for all, it is a world free of exploitation from greedy employers who care only about profit. It is a world of public services in public hands. 

This year we will see a general election and you will have your chance to put fourteen wasted years of Conservative rule well and truly in the past.  

Our union is proudly affiliated to Labour because that is the only way to have proper representation for working people in our parliaments.  

So, this May Day I ask you to reflect on the past but look to the future and all we can win and win together.  

In solidarity  

Maryam Eslamdoust 

TSSA members attending a rally

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