Network Rail job cuts will lead to train disruption, warns TSSA

Network Rail engineers in high vis working on tracks under a pink sunset sky

TSSA has warned Network Rail that any "salami slicing" of jobs before crucial rail industry talks conclude or any attempt to use compulsory redundancies will be met with an industrial action ballot.

Following reports that Network Rail (NR) is set to slash up to 9,000 jobs, TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes has warned of mass disruption to train operations unless an industry-wide approach is taken with a commitment to no compulsory redundancies.

Manuel Cortes said: 

"This is irresponsible scaremongering from Network Rail at a time when huge change in our industry has been announced by the Government.

"NR appears desperate to cut our members’ jobs when what we need is an industry-wide approach. That's why we will not get involved in any salami slicing attempts by NR's top brass until talks at the Rail Industry Recovery Group have concluded.

"Let me be crystal clear, any attempt to use compulsory redundancies by NR or train operators will be met by industrial action ballots and trains will be coming to a halt."

TSSA, represented by Manuel Cortes, is in Rail Industry Recovery Group (RIRG) talks with rail industry leaders about its future. The outcomes of these talks will cover Network Rail and train operators.