South Western Railway (SWR) Control Recognition

TSSA has reached a collective bargaining agreement with South Western Railway (SWR) for its Control function following extensive negotiations with the company.   

The milestone agreement ensures that the terms and conditions for TSSA members employed as Train Service Managers and Short Notice Planners will now be protected and improved through the process of collective bargaining and joint consultation. 

The agreement also includes provisions to negotiate for better working conditions, improved job security, and pay rises for those employed in the control function.  

The improved working conditions will ensure that members are able to perform their duties in a safe and secure environment, while any pay rises will provide a much-needed boost to income in a time of rising inflation. 

Commenting, TSSA Organiser, Gareth Theobald, said: “This new controller recognition agreement is a significant milestone for our union and demonstrates the commitment of both TSSA and SWR management to work together for the benefit of those employed in this area. 

“I’m delighted we have been able to reach this agreement with the company, one which will provide a better future for these workers. We hope that this serves as an example to other organisations and inspires them to make pursue similar commitments to their own employees.

"The recognition agreement is a significant milestone for our union and follows on from those we have signed at Govia and Great Western Railway. My congratulations to all the members who made this happen."

TSSA members attending a rally

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