Take a train journey– TSSA President’s challenge to Rishi Sunak

Commuters on platform at Waterloo station waiting for train to arrive

TSSA President Marios Alexandrou, has issued a challenge to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today (Thursday) “Come take a train journey with me.”

The Prime Minister has hit the headlines recently for taking short-distance air travel rather than taking the train. On Tuesday morning he flew to Southampton by helicopter, a journey that would have taken an hour and a quarter by train from Waterloo.

TSSA President, Marios Alexandrou, said, “The jet-set lifestyle might be ok for a Goldman Sachs analyst, but Rishi’s the Prime Minister of the UK. As such he’s the one ultimately responsible for his government’s decisions on rail.

“In recent months we’ve seen the delivery of HS2 paused for two years and the rail dispute extended unnecessarily due to government interference.

“It’s not fair to the passengers or to hard-working rail staff to have these decisions made by someone who has no idea what the consequences will feel like because he never takes the train.

“The whole rail network is suffering, privatisation isn’t working, but Sunak, who refuses to nationalise the railway, is more familiar with the interior of an RAF Chinook than Waterloo in the rush hour.

“So I’m issuing Mr Sunak a challenge – come take a train journey with me and find out what it’s really like to travel on Britain’s railways. I’ll even stand him a cup of coffee from the buffet!


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