TSSA brands Budget 'reckless' hot air from Hunt

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Rail and transport union – TSSA – has criticised the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, for a Budget which boosted motorists with a “reckless” move to retain the cut to fuel duty on petrol and diesel, while remaining silent on public transport. 

The union said the Budget speech highlighted the lack of an economic plan from a government looking only to save itself at the ballot box with a cut in national insurance - rather than building an economy which works for working people. 

Commenting, TSSA General Secretary, Maryam Eslamdoust, said: “While any help for workers in a cost of living crisis is welcome, the truth is we have a desperate Conservative Chancellor looking for levers to pull in the hope of saving his party at the ballot box.  

“Jeremy Hunt is flailing around offering bribes to voters rather than a proper long-term economic plan. This was a reckless pro motorist Budget lacking any mention of public transport or measures to tackle climate change. 

“What we really heard today was more Tory hot air when the country requires substance.” 

TSSA members attending a rally

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