TSSA calls for emergency budget over rising inflation

Photo showing calculator and jar of coins

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has accused the government of losing control of inflation after figures showed prices rose to at their fastest rate for forty years.

UK inflation soared to 9 per cent, up from 7 per cent in March according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Cortes is demanding the government take urgent action to deal with the situation in the form of an emergency budget on the cost of living crisis and a cap on energy bills. He is also demanding wages are kept in line with inflation.

Commenting, union leader Cortes said: “Rishi Sunak has not got a clue when it comes to dealing with inflation, he’s offering the people of this country no protection at all and has failed to act to come to terms with the Tory cost of living crisis.

“Inflation is now out of control and people are being hit hard. Sunak may find that difficult to understand, but an emergency budget is needed within days to get to grips with this crisis.

“The government has repeatedly failed to understand the extent of the crisis facing the average citizen never mind those on low incomes. Ministers must now change direction and take action to reduce energy bills and boost pay.

“The alternative is unthinkable, because it will see many people forced to choose between heating and eating.

“Let me be clear – the role of our trade union Movement is to protect workers, especially at times like these when wages must reflect the cost of living. We will not shy away from doing so.”