TSSA calls for government action after 'damning' climate change report

Railway track and overhead lines.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) advisory group accused the government of having inadequate policies and poor implementation on climate change. The CCC added that at current progress, only 20 per cent of the UK's ambitions up to the year 2035 will be achieved.

Manuel Cortes said: 

"This is a damning report exposing the gulf between the rhetoric and reality of Boris Johnson's government.

"We need massive investment in the decarbonising of our economy – including rail and all forms of transport, with a relentless focus on the opportunities presented by the green economy.

"This also makes good economic sense because from retrofitting, to waste reduction, renewable energy generation and clean forms of transport, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs to be created in tackling climate change and putting Britain on the front foot.

"The premier example of this is supporting our clean electric rail link to Europe – HS1 Eurostar – and encouraging increased use of clean public transport over private vehicles as we come out of the pandemic."