TSSA calls on Avanti to bin ‘disgraceful’ see through uniforms

Avanti© Pendolino - Tilting Pair

Transport and travel union - TSSA - has called on Avanti West Coast to abandon plans to bring in see through uniforms after an outcry from women members and union Reps.

The uniforms are due to be rolled out at the end of Easter (Tuesday 19th). Women union members have said there are “appalled” that their bras can be seen from the back and the front through what they describe as “very cheap material.”

Commenting, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said: “It is disgraceful that in the 21st Century Avanti is giving staff see through blouses and they should ditch their plans right now.

“There has been zero consultation with our union about the uniforms and had there been we would have told Avanti that they would leave our members, and women across the company, feeling exposed at a time when sexual assaults on the railways are on the rise.

“Frankly the company now deserves all the bad publicity it is likely to get. They have tried to say that alternative uniforms are available, but we know this is a bogus claim - in fact onboard staff and those working in lounges are being compelled to wear them.”

Nadine Rae, TSSA Organising Director, said: “The company is trying to cut costs with what our members say is very cheap material. The blouses are completely unacceptable.

“Avanti should be protecting all the women who work for them but instead they are making them targets. The uniforms should be withdrawn without delay, so all staff have the respect they deserve.”