TSSA comment on Mark Drakeford’s resignation as Welsh First Minister

Mark Drakeford, an elderly Welsh man, with white hair and glasses,wearing a green sweater. He is sitting on a wooden bench, looking off to the side and smiling. There are trees in the background.

TSSA today praised Mark Drakeford’s “integrity and professionalism” as he announced his resignation as Welsh First Minister.

TSSA General Secretary Maryam Eslamdoust said, “Mark is a principled, honourable, man whose resignation is a sad loss to Welsh politics.

“He led Wales through Covid, earning praise for his cautious approach to lockdown restrictions. In 2021 Mark led Labour to a noteworthy victory in the Senedd elections wining half the total seats.  “Under his leadership Transport for Wales Rail Ltd was set up, bringing the Welsh railway system back into public ownership.

“Mark’s resignation, like his career in politics, shows him to be a man of integrity and professionalism. He has kept his promise to voters to serve five years in the post, and given his successor a fair run in post before the next Senedd elections. He will be sorely missed.

“From all of us in TSSA, diolch yn fawr iawn Mark – thank you very much.”


TSSA members attending a rally

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