TSSA condemns war in Ukraine and sends solidarity

Ukraine flag yellow and blue filling the frame.

Transport and travel union TSSA utterly condemns Vladimir Putin’s war and stands in solidarity with the entire Labour movement in calling for an end to these criminal acts of aggression against civilians and an independent sovereign country. 

TSSA also gives full support to statements issued by the TUC, ITF and others, and calls for our government to do everything possible to assist Ukrainian refugees in coming to Britain.

The humanitarian situation is desperate and likely to become much worse as thousands of adults and children have been killed and many more displaced. We encourage anyone who is able to do so to donate to humanitarian efforts, such as the International Trades Union Congress (ITUC) fund .

TSSA praises the bravery of so many Ukrainians in their resistance and in the heroic efforts of transport and other workers in supporting the Ukraine resistance effort.

Ukraine’s railway workers are risking their lives in order to keep services running for both passengers and freight – helping to evacuate civilians and bring in vital supplies. They have reportedly experienced shelling and bombing along their routes and are constantly repairing infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks.

Station staff in railway stations across Ukraine have supported hundreds of thousands of civilians on refugee services and other routes escaping cities being targeted by bombing, shelling and fighting. Rail workers in neighbouring countries are also working to move refugees to places of safety and send supplies back into Ukraine. Eurostar has offered free travel to Ukrainians travelling to Britain.

TSSA supports all efforts that lead to peace and social justice. We extend solidarity to the people of Ukraine, our sister trade unions and fellow transport workers.

Donate to the ITF humanitarian fund
Ukraine flag yellow and blue filling the frame.

Donate to support Ukrainians affected by war

War is devastating the lives of Ukrainians. Thousands have been killed, more injured and over a million displaced. Please donate to this ITUC humanitarian aid fundraiser.

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