TSSA motion on Women’s safety on the railway receives unequivocal support at Scottish Labour party conference

Image shows Katrina Faccenda, a woman with white hair, black trousers, a grey cardigan and a red scarf. She is standing speaking at a podium. Behind her there are red and yellow curtains with the words "Scottish Labour" on them. To the left of the picture is a man and a woman sitting at a desk.

Scottish Labour gave unequivocal support to TSSA’s motion on women’s safety on the railway at its conference last weekend.

TSSA’s motion opposed cuts to railway staffing and ticket office hours, noting that that the access of women to safe public transport was threatened by the cuts. The motion was composited with a motion from ASLEF and a motion from Edinburgh Northern and Leith CLP which also opposed railway cuts.

TSSA was represented at the conference by Katrina Faccenda, and EC member for Scotland Martin Hartley.  

Katrina Faccenda, who seconded the motion on behalf of TSSA commented “When women lose access to public spaces because of violence and harassment they lose their right to fully participate in society. It’s essential that their voices are heard and included in all discussions on transport policy.”

The full text of the composited motion is below.

Composite Motion 1

Transport - Railways

Conference notes the return of Scotland’s railways to public ownership, and the SNP Government’s intention to cut services, close 3 ticket offices and reduce opening hours of 120 more. This would have serious impacts on safety and encouraging people back onto the railway as part of Scotland’s post-pandemic recovery 

Conference further notes that more women than men work in low paid jobs and rely on public transport, often travelling early in the morning and late at night. It recognises that their access to safe public transport will be worsened and that their voices should be heard and included in all discussions on transport policy. Conference agrees with the TSSA that cuts "will put people off travelling on Scotland's railways, reducing fares revenue which could be invested in the railway, and cut the services Scottish passengers get.”

Conference believes that to encourage the use of public transport, reduce the use of private cars and congestion on roads and provide environmental improvements and health benefits we should grow the railway in Scotland, investing in and expand infrastructure and services and campaign for the Concessionary Travel Scheme to be extended.

Conference calls on the Scottish Labour Party to:

  • Continue its’ campaign against ticket office closures, staff cuts and to support zero tolerance for aggression against all public transport staff.
  • Adopt the recommendations included in the rail unions’ report A Vision for Scotland’s Railway.
  • Support the work of the Scottish rail unions campaigning for investment and high-quality employment
  • Call for increased investment and expansion and against any cuts to staffing, infrastructure or facilities.
  • Support the development of an integrated, publicly funded transport system


Edinburgh Northern & Leith CLP


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