TSSA to ballot London Underground members

London Underground sign

TSSA rail union is set to ballot members working as Customer Service Managers (CSM) at London Underground in a dispute about changes to working practices.

TSSA members are extremely concerned about London Underground’s ‘Station Changes’ proposals which will dramatically reduce the number of CSM roles, changing their terms and conditions, pay and potentially work locations.

TSSA has been to ACAS to try and resolve the dispute and to seek assurances regarding the proposed changes. When the dispute was not resolved through these channels TSSA was left with no option but to ballot for industrial action.

Ballot papers will be sent to TSSA members on 22 February and must be returned by 7 March. TSSA are encouraging members to Vote Yes to "strike action" and "action short of strike action".

Commenting, TSSA General Secretary Maryam Eslamdoust said, “Our members working as Customer Service Managers at London Underground are understandably fearful that the company’s proposals will lead to a downgrading of their pay and conditions.

“We will not tolerate any worsening of our members pay, terms and conditions. We have tried to resolve this issue amicably with London Underground, but their unwillingness to give our members clear reassurances about their terms and conditions has left us with no choice but to ballot for industrial action.

“I urge our members to vote yes for both strike action and action short of strike action, in this way we can send London Underground a clear message that they cannot attack our members jobs without consequences.”

TSSA members attending a rally

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