TUC adopts policies on rail jobs and future TfL funding

London Underground station

The Trades Union Congress, in its final session, has backed important motions to defend rail jobs and calls for a long-term funding settlement at Transport for London (TfL). 

Without facing any opposition Congress backed the TSSA motion on TfL which states "what TfL needs is a long-term funding settlement that gives it a secure future" and urges an end to "reluctant short-term support from the Tory government".  

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Congress also adopted a policy – seconded by TSSA – "to fully support the rail union affiliates in their campaigns to prevent redundancies and protect jobs". 

The Emergency Motion – calls on the TUC to "fully support the rail union affiliates in their campaigns to prevent redundancies and protect jobs and conditions, and for fairer pay and fair fares…"

Read the full Emergency Motion

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said: 

"I’m delighted our union has been at the forefront of winning support at Congress for these two crucial motions which could not be more important for our members. 

"Transport for London has been treated as a mere plaything by the Tory Government in recent months. That’s disgraceful because London’s transport system is not only vital for millions of people each day in our capital, but crucial to our economic recovery from Covid. 

"It’s long past time we had a fair long-term financial settlement in line with other world capitals rather than short-termism and an over reliance on the fare box. 

"Also, across our wider industry, there can be no excuse for an attack on rail workers and rail services at a time when we need a fully functioning network more than ever. Our railways will be crucial in the coming years as we face the immense challenge of climate change. 

"Ministers need to wake up and realise the true value of well-funded, well-staffed, fairly funded and publicly owned railways. Any threat to our members’ terms and conditions or to use compulsory redundancies will simply amount to an unjust Covid recovery and will be resisted."