Stena Line improved 2022 pay offer

Dear members 

You may recall that last year we agreed a multi-year pay deal which included a caveat that if RPI were to raise above 3% in October 2021 then we would re-open negotiations. RPI did exceed 3% and the trend continues to rise so we have now had a couple of meetings with the company to discuss this and express our concern about the impact to your cost of living and the pressure and anxiety this is causing you. I am pleased to say that the company listened to these concerns and they have offered an additional 2% effective from April 2022. The full offer can be accessed at the bottom of this update. We know that this falls below the RPI rate for October 2021 however we appreciate this gesture. Your reps feel very strongly that this improved offer is one which you would welcome and so we have accepted the offer on your behalves. 

We sincerely hope that this will ease some of your financial pressures and we remain on hand to discuss any questions you may have about this or any other matters. 

Stena Line improved 2022 pay offer letter

Stena Line 2023 improved pay offer letter