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Personal Statements for Equality Rep Election 2018

Here are the personal statements of some of our new TSSA Equality Reps elected in 2018:


Meet some TSSA Equality Reps & find out what they do

Here are some profiles from current Equality Reps that will help you understand what you can do as an Equality Rep.

Want to be a rep or know someone you want to nominate? Click here to jump to our nomination form EqRepElectionInfo

Why do we need Equality Reps?

What you can achieve as a TSSA Equality Rep can change people's lives! Any TSSA Rep can and should be a champion for equality. However, an Equality Rep is able to dedicate themselves to driving our Equality Agenda throughout everything we do as a union without so many of the day to day distractions and demands that come with being an IR Rep or Health & Safety Rep.

Many rail companies don't yet have equality reps and that's one of the reasons we are holding elections! As part of TSSA's Equality Agenda we aim to have equality reps recognised in every company we have members, starting with you! That doesn't mean you can't be elected now though - we will inform your company of your role and negotiate for you to be recognised. Until then there is plenty you can do, so don't let it stop you standing for the role of Equality Rep.

Become a TSSA Equality Rep

Term for Equality Reps: November 2018 – October 31st 2021

If you are interested in becoming a TSSA Equality Rep you first need to complete a nomination form which includes getting 6 TSSA members to sign the form and nominate you. If you know someone you think should be an equality rep, then get others to sign the form and convince the person to become a TSSA Equality Rep! 

Download your Equality Representative nomination form here:   Equality Rep Nomination Form 2018

You can scan and send your completed forms to Nadine Rae

Nadine Rae, TSSA Organising Director - Equalities, Education and Projects

Devonshire Buildings, 16-17 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4SQ

Please note, we are not able to accept nomination forms without the signatures of both the candidate and all the nominators.

To find out more about the role of Equality Rep, click here to check out the profiles of current reps: EqRepProfiles

Personal Statement for Equality Rep Election

To let people know who you are, why you want to be a rep and what you hope to achieve, complete your Personal Statement form below or download the form and return it completed to Nadine Rae

  1. An important part of being a rep is being visible with others, so they know who you are and how to get in touch with you. We suggest that you provide a photo that can be used on your personal statement and a workplace poster when you are elected

Personal Statement Form Download:  Equality Rep Personal Statement Template

Training & Support for Equality Reps

Many people become Equality Reps because of an issue that touches their life directly, or inspires them. Whilst all reps will need to help support any member of the TSSA who comes to them with an equality issue, you will be able to specialise in an area that you are particularly inspired by, as well develop expertise.

Equality Reps are supported by other experienced representatives and paid TSSA staff, as are all other representatives. You will also have access to our education programme, which includes generic training for all workplace reps, further training spcifically for Equality Reps and also specialist training on topics around equality and discrimination that will help you in your role generally and help you to specialise in some areas such as Neurodiversity, LGBT+ Rights, Reasonable Adjustments, etc.

To view more about TSSA Education including our current programme go to: