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Northern Rail

TSSA Full Time Official: Chris Hargrave    

TSSA has negotiating rights for Clerical, Supervisory and P&T staff working for Northern Rail (NRL), and sole negotiating rights for management staff (excluding executive grades)

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  1. Smart Pensions

    6 October 2008

    Along with other trade unions, TSSA was consulted about the introduction of Smart Pensions. In line with TSSA policy, we did ask for any savings made by Northern Rail to be ploughed into the pension scheme. Unfortunately, this was rejected. However, in spite of this, we felt that we should not deny you the right to participate in the scheme.

  2. News Update

    7 July 2008

    Pay offer for Classified Staff, Manager’s Harmonisation and Pay, Northern’s Expenses Policy, Becoming More Active in TSSA and Reps Vacancies and Roles

  3. Business Expenses Policy

    1 May 2008

    As you will be aware, Northern Rail is implementing a new Business Expenses Policy. Although the Policy has been discussed at the Joint Negotiating Committee, the joint Trade Unions have not agreed this policy and have asked Northern Rail to withdraw it until discussions are completed.