Members reject latest pay offer, support strike action if no improvements

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Thank you to everyone who voted in our pay referendum which closed at 2359 on Tuesday 30 August. 

For background information on negotiations, visit Find Your Company - Amey | TSSA

Over 81% of those of you who took part in the referendum voted to reject the offer. Of those, over 65% would support strike action to achieve an acceptable deal and over 60% would support action short of a strike. Fewer than 2.5% of those who voted to reject the offer said they were not prepared to do anything in pursuit of a better deal.

Many of you took the time to set out your personal reasons for rejecting the offer, talking about the real financial hardship that members are already experiencing and genuine fears about the effect of the cost of living crisis on your households. 

TSSA representatives met with management at noon on Thursday 1 September to respond formally to the latest offer. In advance of the meeting, we set out our position in writing, based on the referendum results. Because TSSA members are the union, this included an appendix which included each of the one hundred and fifty individual anonymous responses setting out the reasons why most of you felt unable to accept the offer. We began the meeting by inviting management side to adjourn to read the document carefully and to consider your views before continuing with the meeting, so that the members represented at the negotiating table could have a voice.

You can see a copy of the letter to the company setting out our position and members' reasons for being unable to accept the offer here

Management side agreed to adjourn to consider our correspondence, then reconvened to discuss our respective positions.

The company side reiterated that the offer was an improvement on the original figure, referring to the increase in the minimum increase underpin figure, but maintained that the 4.21% headline was a fixed budget which was "locked down" while the company was subject to the ongoing sale by Ferrovial.

Your representatives referred to the national media reports and video of the Amey Chief Financial Officer reporting an unexpected 25% increase in turnover compared to budget as reported in our previous circular. We pointed out that the same individual could decide to avoid the prospect of members undertaking industrial action by deciding to increase the budget available to maintain the value of members' wages during the cost of living crisis
The meeting concluded without an improved offer and a commitment from Amey to respond to our letter in writing, and to meet again on 20 September for further talks.

If reps are not able to report significant improvements in the company position it is clear that members will have no alternative but to vote in a ballot for industrial action. This would be a postal ballot in which TSSA asks members to vote ‘yes’ to both strike action and action short of a strike (which could include refusing to cover additional duties, overtime bans, etc.).  For industrial action to be lawful, over 50% of votes cast and at least 40% of all eligible members must vote ‘yes’.  In the event of a successful ballot for industrial action, reps and TSSA officials will support members so that our action is coordinated and effective.

The more members in active membership, the stronger our position n negotiations, so please encourage any colleagues who are not in a union to join TSSA online.

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Amey August 2022 pay offer letter

Amey August 2022 pay offer letter


August 2022 Amey pay offer letter

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