TSSA Members Vote To Agree Amey 2022 Pay Deal

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6% pay agreed as 93% of members vote for deal

Overwhelming majority support Reps' recommendation to accept improved 6% pay offer as "best available through negotiation"

Acceptable deal only possible after TSSA members gave backing for strike action

Your reps agreed to conclude pay talks for 2022 after 93% of members who voted in our referendum supported the recommendation to accept Amey's improved offer. 

For full details of the offer, click here

6% increase on pay and allowances, backdated to 1 March 2022

A consolidated minimum salary increase of £1,800 for all collectively bargained staff

A commitment to no compulsory redundancies until June 2022

Commitment to review Amey’s policies, including training, professional development, family friendly, flexible working, maternity, paternity, and premature baby policies by December 2022. To consult on the enhancement of the terms and conditions of Programme Manager and Resource Manager roles with CEFA, recognising the seniority and line management responsibility for more experienced Managers. The company’s proposal includes a banding change from B to C and a salary increase for those meeting the criteria for senior roles

Amey is currently working towards achieving bronze level of the LGBT bargaining standards.

For background on the negotiations and details of why your reps recommended the offer, click here

Looking ahead to 2023

This year's deal is long overdue, and was only possible thanks to members who made clear that they would have no choice but to support strike action if the company didn't improve the headline pay offer.

For months, company negotiators refused to increase the 4.21% headline pay which was imposed on staff who don't benefit from Trade Union recognition and the right to collective bargaining on pay and conditions.

As the impacts of the cost of living crisis continue to worsen, members must prepare for the next round of negotiations ahead of the 1 March 2023 pay anniversary date.

In 2022, the power of industrial democracy, and your ability to have a say on your pay and demonstrate your willingness to take action in support of an acceptable deal, has shown the importance of organised widespread union membership.

If you have colleagues who aren't in a union already, forward them this email encourage them to join today to help contribute to a good deal in 2023.

If you don't have a local rep in your team, consider standing for nomination or encouraging a colleague you trust to represent you. Click here to complete an expression of interest form

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