TSSA update: London Underground pay talks at ACAS

Tube train at underground station with doors closed

 No progress at pay talks

Your TSSA Reps attended pay talks at ACAS today in the expectation that the company would be willing to engage in meaningful negotiations. Unfortunately, the company showed absolutely no willingness whatsoever to engage with your Reps and merely reiterated their previous, unacceptable pay offer.

We have told the company that their approach is clearly not acceptable and that the current offer still does not meet the expectations of our members. It is very disappointing that the company seem unwilling to even discuss the elements within your pay claim.

 Following feedback from your TSSA Reps the company have gone away to reflect on their position. We hope they will come back and show a willingness to engage in meaningful negotiations in order to try and come to a resolution.

We will keep you informed of any developments.

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