Merseyrail: Management grade Pay offer and TSSA Acceptance

Money (£20 notes) in envelope with hand outstretched to take cash as a bribe

I’m pleased to update our Management members in Merseyrail that after the pay talks held Today the company recognises the valuable contribution that Managers make to the organisation and their efforts over the past few years.

As a result, they have offered a one year 8% no strings deal backdated to 1st July 2023 which is the same percentage offered to the General Grades this year.

We’re grateful that we were able to resolve the talks within the first meeting and as a result of our Management rep and co-opted representatives canvasing members, we went into the meeting knowing that we could accept the offer if it matched the General Grades offer. This means there should be no delay in getting the relevant backdated pay calculated and paid in the next pay packet on 27th October.

We hope that our members recognise that having TSSA in the position to carry out pay talks for Managers is worthwhile and encourage you to talk to your colleagues who aren’t yet members to join TSSA online. This way, we can protect our right to bargain on behalf of you and your colleagues going forward and continue bargaining for fair and equitable pay deals.