Merseyrail: Pay Update for All Grades

General Grades Pay agreed

All unions have now accepted the one year no strings 8% pay award with a minimum payment of £2000 for those earning Under £24,000

The company have confirmed that this will be applied to the next pay packet due on 29th September with the backdated amount applying back to the first Sunday in April.

Management Grades Pay talks.

TSSA is the only union that can bargain on behalf of the Management grades within Merseyrail

As such we have been reminding them of the need to meet us to open up talks for your Grade throughout this year since we sent them our pay claim on 17th April, but they wanted to conclude the General Grades pay before doing so.  

We have now scheduled a meeting on Monday 9th October to start those talks, our aspiration would be to receive no less than the General Grades. To assist us in achieving that we would strongly encourage Members to speak to their colleagues who aren’t yet members and ask them to join TSSA to add to our collective strength in these upcoming negotiations, they can easily join TSSA online.